Tax Planning

Taxes can erode investment gains when not managed properly. Uncertainty regarding taxes can lead to uninformed and poor decision making. An evolving tax code requires up to date tools to help control tax implications that are sure to arise as time progresses.

Tax planning is an around the clock, year-round endeavor that professional money managers must oversee. Too many times, the average investor leaves tax planning until November and December or only in years where there are significant capital gains.

At Matrix Private Wealth Management, we believe that there is a better approach to tax management. It begins with the realization that investment returns are the primary concern, but tax management is one step behind. Our focus on consistent, year-round approach to proper tax planning allows us to take advantage of the highs and lows, constant volatility of the market.

Tax Reduction Methods:

  • Tax-lot Accounting
  • Loss Harvesting
  • Wider Rebalancing Ranges
  • Tax-aware Trading
  • Gain/Loss Offset
  • Transition of Low Cost-basis Stocks